Shipping Policy

Any order has to be processed and prepared for the shipment within 24 hours. A shipping policy guarantees in time sending of any order and execution of all terms properly. We control this process professionally and regularly check for new methods how to improve and accelerate the shipment.

Any product, that has been bought on our website, is sent directly from the manufacturer’s warehouses. We do not use additional services of other companies. With our great experience, we have adjusted regular and reliable relations with our partners.

International Shipment

A citizen of any country may place an order on our website. We will provide the order right to your home address by means of:

  • EMS
  • AirMail

All products are carefully checked and packed before sending to a customer’s address. A package with the pills will be delivered in 8 business days during the EMS shipment. Of course, it depends on a country, and it may be arrived faster. The AirMail service suggests to deliver your order within 5 weeks. Bear this information in mind before placing any order.

It happens, that the pills do not arrive in time, and they may be not delivered at all. If you faced such situation, please, let us know by the following methods:

  • submit a request on our site
  • send us an email
  • use Contact Us page
  • talk to our customer support

We know that these situations happen (seldom), and so we have our own solutions. In any case, you will receive your medications as soon as possible.

Order Status

A unique number is assigned to every order. Due to this number, it is possible to track the progress of the order status. This progress will be always sent to an email of the customer. Or a customer can go to the profile page, and check it at any time.

It is very convenient to know and follow how the order status has been changed. Our client will know whether the order has been processed, when it has been sent, and whether a payment has been accepted by the bank. These certain steps of the order status also give you a guarantee, that your package will be sent, and you will receive your products. (we all know that there are a lot of scammers on the internet).

An order status may be checked by means of:

  • email (notifications will be regularly sent to an email address indicated during the order. Make sure to enter correct and active email address).
  • user area (there is a special place for every customer on the site, when it comes to the online shopping. As you probably know, when you buy anything online, you will have a user area on the site right after placing the order. And you may check the whole progress of your online order and receive notifications about any changes).

We have taken care about a security of all personal data. We use strong and modern methods of the protection, and all data will not be available to third parties.

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To check order status You need to fill Transaction Sum as it appears in your statement & last 4 digits of credit card number.

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