What is clinical depression?

About 25% of the world’s population suffered from clinical depression.

Symptoms of this disorder are expressed by indifference to life events, depression and melancholy. In cases of exacerbation, the depressed person may feel suicidal tendencies. Today, clinical depression is considered a fairly global problem.

Risk factors

Experts identify the following reasons and situations in which clinical depression can develop:

  • frequent stressful situations – occurs in the unemployed, low-income people or people with monotonous and routine activities.
  • as a result of severe mental trauma – as a rule, this is a consequence of serious illness, rape, severe personal loss.
  • Clinical depression often occurs in people with long-term headache attacks. 
  • hereditary predisposition
  • Women are more susceptible to this disease.

Symptoms of clinical depression

In a state of clinical depression, a person is characterized by unusual behavior that can be easily noticed by relatives, friends and a positive-minded environment. What can frighten off the patient and make him even more withdrawn in himself is the compulsory treatment of clinical depression or consultation with a doctor. Online resources are rich in a detailed description of this problem, will help to build an action plan and delve deeper into the situation. Doctors talk about such signs:  

  • decline in activity, not a desire to engage in any activity
  • constant fatigue and lethargy – noticeable in a shuffling gait, weak-willed gesticulation
  • attention deficit, distraction
  • social, inhospitable behavior 
  • sadness, bouts of crying
  • hypochondria
  • escape from reality
  • existential self-examination

Identifying and treating clinical depression

The disease is recorded based on communication with the patient, his reaction to questions. In order to identify the disease, doctors examine biochemical markers using a blood test. The patient is provided with the following types of assistance:

  • cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy
  • psychotropic medications
  • drugs to relieve anxiety
  • group therapy
  • psycholeptics
  • support from loved ones
  • keeping calm
  • regular communication without obsession

It is important to know that treatment through psychiatry can be beneficial in the case of mild clinical depression. The patient’s treatment is always carefully and individually selected.

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