Treatment of depression with folk remedies – truth or quack?

Often people come to psychiatrists trying to treat depression with folk remedies. And the whole seriousness of such cases lies not even in the fact that it is impossible to cure depression with folk remedies, and they turn out to be useless, but in the fact that trying to be treated in this way, a person loses precious time for him, during which the disorder becomes chronic. And the patient comes to us being in an average or severe state of depression, the treatment of which already requires a lot of effort and expense. Not many people understand that depression is a mental illness, for the treatment of which psychotherapeutic, and in some cases, medication , is required .                  

Often people turn to pseudo-specialists without understanding the complexity of the situation and not recognizing the depressive illness. In fact while the statement of the diagnosis is often difficult and requires a comprehensive approach. Depression is caused by various reasons, including those of an organic nature, for example, hormonal disorders ( hypo – or hyperthyroidism), as well as depression can be a companion of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and dementia.            

Therefore, this disease cannot be diagnosed “by eye” – a laboratory blood test, the use of special equipment, and diagnostic scales are required. It will be superfluous to say here that doctors should do this.   

Often in various unscientific or pseudoscientific publications you can see whole articles containing the phrases “psychologists recommend”, “British, American, European , etc. Scientists have found out”, “doctors advise”, where depression treatment at home or folk remedies is recommended . It is very easy to distinguish such false advice from the recommendations of professional specialists: if the author refers to any research or the authority of a particular specialist, do not consider it a work for yourself and check whether these experts exist at all, whether such research was carried out in the mentioned institute (although most often such sources refer to some anonymous authority without specifying any specific names at all). This is a sure sign that the information that is presented as true is not based on any reliable basis, and can be simply harmful.                

Let us remind you once again: depression is an affective disorder and is a disease that can be cured only with the help of a psychiatrist. In many cases, treatment involves the use of antidepressants, and their appointment can only be made by a doctor, and only on the basis of a thorough diagnostic examination followed by continuous monitoring of its effectiveness.         

Attention: the independent “prescription” of antidepressants, even if you were able to acquire them without a prescription , can lead not only to a lack of therapeutic effect, but also be simply dangerous to the patient’s health and life. One of the serious consequences of depression is suicide attempts, and incompetent treatment can lead to irreparable consequences.          

If you find yourself or those close to you are showing signs of depression, see your doctor immediately. Depression is completely curable, but only a qualified doctor should do it.   

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