Diagnosis of somatized depression

The diagnosis of ” somatized depression” requires a consultation of three specialists – a therapist, a neurologist, and a psychiatrist. Moreover, the therapist must have good knowledge in the field of immunology, gastroenterology, cardiology. It often happens that a patient with somatized depression has been treated by various therapists for years.

Therefore, the diagnosis of hypochondriacal, somatized depression with autonomic reactions should be made only after careful examination. With such a study, the patient is found to have secondary somatic changes – osteochondrosis, various abnormalities on the EEG. It must be remembered that functional changes in the patient’s body can have a psychogenic and somatic component.

Moreover, not every illness is psychosomatic in nature, and is caused by chronic stressful situations.

Particular attention should be paid to those patients kototryh observed this kind of depression. It is necessary to connect all the available laboratory and instrumental studies, the results of which will be needed during the course of psychotherapy. “ Organoneurotic disorders” also require constant monitoring . If a doctor has established a psychogenic cause of a functional disorder, then it is necessary to determine the levels of mental disorder: personal, neurotic, psychotic. 

In the clinic of Dr. V.L. Diagnostics and treatment of somatized depression are carried out in a minute .

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