How to deal with depression on your own?

Depression. What to do? How to deal with depression on your own

We asked ourselves the following question: “How to improve your mood and well-being?”

How to get rid of the manifestations of depression:

  • loss of interest in life;
  • loss of ability to perform duties;
  • tiredness;
  • ailments;
  • melancholy, irritability;
  • anxiety;
  • attention disorders;
  • headaches.

And most importantly, why does it arise? Of course, we get a predisposition to depression from our parents. Stress, life in a metropolis, a tough work schedule, difficult situations in life affect our well-being and contribute to the development of depression.

We apply strength to be successful, many plans and their scope amazes … But, this leads to dissatisfaction and depression if the goal is not achieved.

Ancient sages wrote about this, and they were closer to nature, and understood its essence. “Life is pleasure,” said Epicurus. Pleasure is the highest meaning of human life, but in pursuit of it, one must not forget that not all means justify the end. Means are destructive, harmful to health, and can poison everyone’s life. Pleasure, good mood and enjoyment do not require a lot of money, they require a change in the attitude towards oneself and the world around. If you want you never to have depression from stress, difficulties, unhappiness, grief, unrequited love – change your attitude to the situation, and if you need to change your whole life so that you never have a bad mood and depression – change your worldview.

But if depression has visited you, then here are some tips on how to deal with depression. These methods do not require a lot of money, they are simple, but effective:

  • find a bench in the park, sit on it and observe life;
  • lying in a hammock, contemplate the starry sky;
  • swing alone on the waves at sea;
  • go where your eyes look;
  • read a book in silence;
  • take a bath by candlelight;
  • sleep, sleep, sleep until exhaustion;
  • massage your feet;
  • make love in the rain;
  • sit in silence;
  • laugh at a movie, an anecdote, life itself, at yourself.

You are a person of age, with your own stereotypes, standards of behavior, family. But all people with depression feel uncomfortable with their family for a long time, and visiting a neighbor, a cheerful company, having a hobby helps to cope with a bad mood. Relationships with family can be mandatory, but friends are chosen by themselves, according to their liking. Elderly people with good health, material resources, intelligence can independently seek new relationships in different age groups. They can find any occupation they like, re-create a family if there is none. And depression will not be a companion to old age.

When fighting depression, remove from sight everything that causes a bad mood, turn off the TV, do not communicate with problematic and unpleasant people, stop watching sad films and books, and delve into social problems. Viewing political news, messages about wars is especially dangerous. If you do not want to get depressed, never watch political programs, programs about the crisis, news about murders and atrocities. Any information of a negative nature, its deliberation, disputes provoke depression.

Limit communication with people through gadgets, they cause addiction and the same depression. Live communication is much more useful, hundreds of SMS and videos sent through instant messengers. A cell phone will not replace a quiet conversation, a discussion of what worries. And it certainly won’t prevent or cure depression. Five hugs a day with loved ones prevent depression better than a psychoanalyst.

To cope with depression, you need to be selfish for a while, come up with an excuse for all annoying people, for example, this: “the doctor forbade me .”

Sometimes even happiness in the family can be the cause of depression.

There is such a type of depression as postpartum depression. It can affect both the father and the mother of the baby. It would seem in the happiest period of life. But you need to remember what the responsibility to the child would not be, you need to pay more attention to yourself, otherwise if the mother and father get sick with severe forms of depression, then no one will really need the children. It is for the sake of children that one must take care of oneself, otherwise there will be no future. There will be depression, quarrels, health problems and the child.

To improve your mood, you can focus on what is enjoyable. Everyone can choose an activity to their liking. There are enough joys to overcome depression for everyone. These are aromatic baths, handicrafts, floriculture, table setting, washing windows, jogging, any hobby.

Depression is a halt on the way to a mountain, a stop for the subsequent satisfaction of one’s desires. Therefore, the correct attitude towards her is the key to improving the mood and solving the problem on your own. With this approach, you can cope with it.

Herbs can be used to treat depression:

  • ginseng leaves and roots;
  • mint leaves;
  • lemon balm;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • Kalanchoe.

Herbal baths improve mood. Suitable for their preparation: mint, lavender, rosemary, valerian, linden, chamomile flowers, green tea, verbena.

The mood is raised by taking bifidumbacterin , Mechnikov’s yogurt, and a Tibetan mushroom. These products secrete neuroactive substances – gamma-aminobutyric acid and serotonin, which relieve the symptoms of depression.

Depression can go away on its own with sports, fitness, Pilates, swimming.

If you cannot cope with depression on your own, then you can turn to the doctors of oriental medicine. Acupressure massage, acupuncture, warming up with coal and wormwood cigars, hot stones help to improve mood.

Depression and meditation practices

Many thoughts torment people during depression. A flurry of information falls on a person from the media, the Internet, and gadgets. A person has up to 4000 thoughts per day, and not all of them are positive. Therefore, various meditation practices, breathing exercises, yoga classes contribute to the control of emotions, thoughts, gaining awareness and regulation of many functions of the human body.

Features of nutrition for depression

When some foods are added to food, mood improves and depression can go away on its own. To cope with depression, you need to include a large amount of carbohydrates in your diet. Their sufficient intake leads to the synthesis of tryptophan, which is metabolized into serotonin, which is responsible for the development of depression. A person’s mood depends on the level of serotonin. The most affordable foods that contain tryptophan and reduce the manifestation of depression are bread, buckwheat, and wholemeal flour. At the same time, to level the symptoms of depression, you need to eat bread separately from protein products – meat, fish. Some foods contain substances that stimulate the production of endorphins and enkephalins – substances that improve mood, hormones of joy. Lettuce, spinach, paprika contain cytofin , natural milk contains casomorphin , bananas contain serotonin and harman , and chocolate contains andamine . All of these substances reduce the manifestation of depression.

If you cannot cope with depression on your own.

But if depression lasts more than two weeks, your mood does not improve, and you cannot cope with depression on your own, then you need to see a psychiatrist. It is urgent to find a specialist if thoughts of suicide and feelings of guilt arise.

It is impossible to cope with depression on your own if it is caused by somatic and mental illnesses – Itsenko-Cushing’s syndrome, thyroid diseases, diabetes mellitus, polycystic ovary syndrome, schizophrenia, affective bipolar disorder.

Every sixth inhabitant of the planet suffers from depression. But this does not mean that there is no way out and you cannot cope with it on your own. But if it is hard for you, consult a specialist, a cure for depression is possible!

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