Depression prevention

Only a qualified psychologist can give recommendations for the prevention of depression that would help a particular person. At the consultation, a specialist will hold a conversation, make a psychodiagnostic examination and offer advice and recommendations to help avoid depression.      

General recommendations for maintaining physical and mental health:  

  1. Healthy sleep. An adult should sleep at least 8 hours a day, children and adolescents – 9-13 hours. In a dream, all organs and systems “rest” , the body’s resources are restored, energy is accumulated for the next day.          
  2. Proper nutrition. Very often, the causes of depressive conditions are somatic diseases, disorders of the digestive system. Regular, balanced nutrition is a guarantee of physical and psychological health.   
  3. Compliance with the regime of the day. Compliance with the daily routine is necessary for children and adults, because organism is a self-organizing system and non-observance of the regime can lead to disturbances in the functioning of certain systems.      
  4. Leading a healthy lifestyle. Alcoholism, drug addiction, drug abuse are the causes of depression. 
  5. Spending time with family and friends. Going out to the cinema, theater or just walking will benefit your physical and psychological health. Paying attention to loved ones, love and trusting relationships in the family are the key to the well-being of all its members.          
  6. Move more. It is not necessary to run in the park early in the morning , you can just take a walk before going to bed or visit the pool several times a week.    
  7. Avoid stressful situations. Don’t take on work that you ca n’t complete on time, set achievable goals.    
  8. Take time for yourself. You need to find time for your hobbies, favorite books and meeting with friends. Positive emotions are a major factor in the prevention of depression.     

In order to prevent the development of depression, you need to learn how to overcome stressful situations. A healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, the right regimen will help fight stress and maintain peace of mind.   

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