Causes of Depression – Key Findings

What are the main findings?

The triggers for the development of depression can be very diverse, but, as a rule, we are talking about biopsychosocial effects. 

In some people there is a congenital or acquired biological predisposition to the manifestation of this disorder.    

In the “medical history” of others, the main role was played by severe, prolonged stress, which led to pathophysiological disorders in the body, which in turn aggravated the mental state.     

Various reasons can act jointly and by separate, often “triggering” each other on the principle of a vicious circle. However, modern medicine already possesses many means that make it possible to single out the leading factor and evaluate its interaction with other, side ones.   

That is why a thorough, comprehensive diagnosis of the body is so important using a variety of techniques, many of which are used in the diagnosis of diseases not only of the brain, but also of other “unconscious” organs.     

Accurate diagnosis is the key to the safety of treatment when choosing an antidepressant and monitoring changes in various organs and systems.      

No less significant is a detailed comprehensive study of the external manifestations of depression, their development, symptoms and dynamics over a significant period of time.       

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