Attempted suicide in a teenager: what to do?

Suicides of adolescents are becoming more common, despite the fact that their real statistics are carefully classified.  

The main reasons pushing a teenager to take their own lives:   

  • problems at school (other educational institution), 
  • problems in the yard (in the habitat),  
  • intra-family troubles,
  • unrequited love
  • unrecognized mental illness.

Signs of suicidal ideation

It is important for parents to suspect suicidal tendencies in a teenager in time . 

Signs of anxious thoughts in a student: 

  • became withdrawn, taciturn;
  • hides his personal contacts from parents and other family members;  
  • prefers to talk on the phone without witnesses; 
  • the child’s habits, sleep, appetite have changed; 
  • those around him are worried about his increased excitability, or, conversely, apathy, depression;
  • in a dream he screams, talks, tosses and turns from side to side.    

Helping a teenager with suicidal thoughts 

Parents will not be able to deal with the emerging features of the child’s behavior on their own , so they must show it to a competent specialist in time. Adolescent suicide can be successfully prevented.  

By Unfortunately, mental pathology is becoming more frequent, in virtue of features of modern life. Even in the absence of mental illness, a person can commit suicide in a moment of despair. Moreover, when experts analyze suicidal cases, more than 60% of suicides are committed by mentally normal people.     

Teenage depression causes a child to feel hopeless and incorrigible in the situation, although an adult in such a case (from the height of his own life experience) will reasonably offer several options for a way out of this situation. Modern children often do not trust their parents, but they can open up to an unfamiliar person, become as frank with him as possible. If this person becomes a competent psychotherapist, he will be able to save the beginning life and help to avoid suicidal thoughts in the future.            

“Hopeless” coincidence of circumstances can always be successfully overcome. In including the use of modern psychotropic drugs. They should be prescribed by a competent specialist – a certified psychiatrist. He will calm a desperate child, instill faith in himself and in his parents.        

It’s no secret that a teenager’s suicide attempt occurs more often when he constantly observes family quarrels and scandals. In prosperous families, the child is not shown minor troubles, it is reasonable to leave him in the dark, which does not injure the fragile psyche. This is a good prevention against teenage depression. If you can not hide family quarrels , it is better to contact a teenage psychotherapist as soon as possible . The specialist will always put on the right words of consolation, having previously tested the patient. Family psychotherapy brings lasting positive results. If necessary, medications will be prescribed that will guarantee the preservation of life for a full member of society. A single adolescent suicide attempt (with the correct psychotherapeutic approach) will never happen again.            

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