Aggression of women with schizophrenia

In the clinic of Professor V.L. For a minute, schizophrenia is treated based on scientific approaches to the manifestation of this disease, including gender differences in the clinical manifestations of the disease.

There are few clinics in Moscow that would prescribe treatment based on gender differences.

Scientists have found that schizophrenia in women and men occurs and proceeds in different ways. So, schizophrenia in women occurs later than in men, has milder symptoms, but is still accompanied by affective disorders.

Women with schizophrenia are more likely to retain their social status, tend to cooperate with doctors, agree to treatment, and are amenable to family therapy. However, the disease noticeably affects the behavior of a woman and still requires long-term observation and treatment. Schizophrenia in women is often manifested by hetero- and auto-aggression. Patients are often characterized by aggression towards family and friends. The reasons are hallucinations, delusions, persecution mania, witchcraft, corruption.

The most dangerous are the aggressive actions of women aged 27–33 years (Kharitonova NK, Vainshtein AE, 2005). Their actions are especially dangerous if they occur during the first attack of mental illness or during the first three years after the onset of the disease, against the background of alcohol abuse. Dangerous actions are more often carried out in relation to people with whom there were conflicts before, before the illness. The degree of aggression is also influenced by the behavior of the people around the patient, who often provoke aggressive actions.

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