6 factors that make depression worse

What to look for to prevent the worsening of depression and recurrence of its symptoms? Let’s explore 6 of the most common factors to watch out for to prevent worsening of your symptoms of depression.

1. Stress

We receive smaller or larger doses of stress almost every day. While this situation is bad for everyone, the sensitivity that comes with depression is particularly painful for our lives. To avoid the negative effects of stress, try to avoid stressful situations, or (if this is not possible) apply appropriate methods of dealing with this phenomenon and try to maintain inner balance.

2. Too little sleep

Just as not getting enough sleep can cause depression, depression can also cause sleep disturbances and insomnia. It is worth trying to ensure a normal regimen and sufficient hours of sleep. You can use relaxation sessions to combat insomnia, as well as focus more on sleep hygiene. In some cases, it is worth seeking professional help to advise and treat sleep disorders and insomnia.

3. Poor nutrition

It’s not just drinking alcohol or drinking a lot of coffee that can make your depression symptoms worse. A diet rich in saturated fatty acids and high amounts of simple sugars can also have this effect. Therefore, it is worth taking care of a complete, well-balanced diet, rich in fresh foods and vitamins.

4. Anniversaries and holidays

On the verge of any “round dates” we have a tendency to analyze our lives and predict the future. This balance does not always look joyful enough that it can re-emerge unpleasant memories and symptoms of depression. At such times, try to refrain from any analysis or try to focus only on positive memories.

5. Compassionate friends

This refers to curious friends who inquire about the causes of your depression. Try to avoid talking about sensitive topics with people who, by and large, don’t give a damn about you. If you feel that this kind of conversation is negatively affecting old wounds, causing irritation and sadness, try to end the conversation or suggest a change in the subject. Remember that your well-being is the most important thing, even if the price of peace is to hurt nosy friends.

6. Social networks

Watching the moments of joy, travel or entertainment of friends on Facebook , Instagram, or any other social network can lead to unnecessary comparisons and, as a result, worsening symptoms of depression. Remember, most people are actually hiding their sadness from others when they show off their joyful moments. This is how pictures about an ideal life are created on various services. Do not forget that this is all just an appearance.

Probably no one has any doubts that depression is a serious illness that requires treatment. Therefore, if you observe the corresponding symptoms in yourself or loved ones, be sure to consult a specialist. They will help you determine the causes and prescribe the necessary treatment. Or they will tell you how to motivate people close to you to visit a psychologist.

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