Summary psychosomatic table Louise Hay

Louise Hay experienced the power of psychosomatics first hand. The woman cured herself of uterine cancer. In the future, the psychologist began to help other people. And psychosomatics in the table of diseases of Louise Hay is still in great demand.

Psychosomatics: table of diseases, how to treat:

DiseasePsychological reasonaffirmation
AbscessAnger comes out with pus.I am calm. I give vent to emotions and thoughts.
AllergyLoathing for someone or something, perhaps oneself.Nothing threatens me. I’m safe.
AppendicitisFear of life, blocking positive moments.I’m safe. I am completely relaxed and let life carry me.
InfertilityFears associated with pregnancy and childbirth.I believe in myself. I love myself and life. Everything happens on time.
wartsDissatisfaction with their appearance, hatred.I love and accept myself. I am beautiful.
ChickenpoxTension, fear, agonizing expectation.I trust life, I am relaxed and peaceful.
HaemorrhoidsFear of not having time, parting with something. Anger.I freely part with everything that I no longer need. I feed on love.
DysmenorrheaRejection of sexuality and femininity, fears, resentment. Anger at yourself.I love my body. I love myself. My cycle is fine.
Stomach (diseases)Inability to digest something, fear of the new.Everything is fine. The universe does not harm me. She only wants the best. I accept everything new.
ConstipationStuck in the past, reluctance to part with old beliefs.I let go of the old, ready for the new and useful. The universe only wants the best for me.
ImpotenceGuilt, pressure from women, complexes, anger, insecurity.I allow my sexuality to operate in full force.
CystScrolling through old grudges.I love myself, I forgive insults.
LaryngitisAnger, fear of speaking out, feeling pressured.I am free to express myself. I can ask for what I want.
callusesFixation on outdated beliefs, inertia of thinking.New thoughts are safe, I am open to them. I’m safe. Letting go of the past and moving forward freely.
NeuralgiaSelf-punishment for sins, difficulties in communication.I forgive, love and approve of myself. Communication brings only joy.
Faintingstrong fearI have enough strength and knowledge to get out of the situation with dignity and cope with all the difficulties.

You can create your own affirmations for your case. Rules for compiling affirmations:

  1. One or two short sentences.
  2. Present tense, affirmative tone.
  3. You can not use the particle “not”.
  4. Focus solely on yourself.
  5. positive charge.
  6. Visualization of what is said.

It is recommended to repeat affirmations daily for 5-10 minutes, twice a day. The first effect will be noticeable after 10-15 days.

It is important! A complete list of diseases and affirmations can be found in the author’s book “Heal Yourself” and in our article “Mental Causes of Various Diseases”.

Table according to Sinelnikov

V. Sinelnikov is a certified psychologist, people’s doctor, homeopath, author of books, training leader. Like other psychosomatists , he compiled his own table of diseases.

cephalgiaHypocrisy, mismatch of thoughts and behavior.
MigrainePerfectionism, strong self-criticism, self-flagellation.
AmnesiaFear, the desire to forget something.
brain cancerInflexibility, aggression, the desire to impose their opinion.
NeuralgiaConscientiousness, preoccupation with other people’s problems.
RadiculitisLoss of support, fear of financial difficulties.
StrokeJealousy, hatred, passivity.
DizzinessAbsent-mindedness, uncertainty in life, lack of purpose in life.
EpilepsyPanic fears, persecution mania, intense tension, aggressiveness.
InsomniaLack of rest, exhausting routine.
Ear infectionInability to listen to others, to express their opinion. accumulated negativity.
DeafnessAnger, rejection of other people’s opinions.
eye inflammationAnger, unwillingness to see something, resentment.
GlaucomaOld grievances, dissatisfaction with life.
CataractLoss of meaning in life, joyless existence.
Heart diseasesDislike for yourself and other people, old grievances, self-pity, jealousy.
AtherosclerosisLack of joyful emotions and pleasure in life.
HypertensionRegular experiences.
HypotensionLoss of vitality, self-doubt, desire to get away from solving problems.
Varicose veinsProlonged stay in an unpleasant situation.
ThrombosisStagnation in development.
AnemiaLack of joy in life.
BleedingSuppressed anger, lack of joy in life.
LymphomaUnfavorable psychological climate in the family.
PneumoniaDespondency, disappointment in life, fatigue.
AsthmaUnhealthy attachment to the mother, suppressed negativity, excessive conscience.
Runny noseUnshed tears, anger and disappointment, pity.
Gastritis and ulcerFear of change, inability to digest something, desire to prove one’s worth.
Diseases of the liver and gallbladderSuppressed anger directed at a person or situation.
PancreatitisHatred, intolerance to criticism.
DiabetesAnger, anger, resentment, a joyless existence.
ConstipationUnwillingness to part with outdated attitudes and negative memories, greed.
Stones in the kidneysYears of accumulated negativity.
endometriosisDistrust of men, a sense of danger.
Cervical erosionComplexes, feeling of uselessness, hurt self-esteem.
VaginitisSelf-accusation, guilt, anger at a man, fear of losing attractiveness.
HaemorrhoidsIrritation, resentment, obsession with problems from the past, fear of not being able to do something.
HerpesBitterness, the desire to act in spite of someone.
Diseases of the mammary glandSacrifice, excessive concern for others to the detriment of oneself, combined with anger because of this.
ItchingContradiction between reality and human desires.
Bad breathAnger, desire for revenge, gossip.
HeartburnFear and aggression.
CandidiasisFeelings of guilt for sexual activity, aversion to sex.
Childhood diseasesUnfavorable psychological climate in the family.

A complete list of diseases and their causes can be found in our article “Psychosomatics of Diseases, Psychological Causes of Diseases” and in the author’s book “Love Your Disease”.

It is interesting! When studying psychosomatics in children, it is necessary to look for the karmic causes of illness in the behavior of parents and the whole family. Children always pay for the sin of their parents.

Table according to Lazarev

S. N. Lazarev – philosopher, parapsychologist. He studies the relationship between illness and thoughts, the character of a person. We invite you to get acquainted with the summary psychosomatic table of diseases according to S.N. Lazarev:

DiseasePsychological reasonHealing Suggestions
gastrointestinal tractConstant and strong tensionLearn to rest and relax. Learn yoga, dance. Go in for sports, get acquainted with art therapy.
Neck and shouldersAnxiety, restlessnessLearn an easy attitude to life, joy in the little things. You do not notice the daily pleasant moments.
Mental, neurological disorders, sleep problemsConfusionLearn self-control, master spiritual practices.
kidney diseaseFearUnite with nature, find points of peace of mind, get a hobby.
Autoimmune diseases, dyspepsiaAnxietyLearn mercy, find comfort and comfort.
Diseases of the liver and gallbladderAngerLearn to empathize and help those in need. Visit orphanages, hospices.
General weakness and fatigue, problems with the spineApathyFind a new hobby, change your job or circle of friends, return the taste for life.
pancreatitis, diabetesHaste, intoleranceGet a hobby that requires perseverance, attention, patience.
DementiaLonelinessLearn to enjoy life, enjoy it.
Oncology, liver diseases, skin diseasesResentmentEvery day thank God, yourself, other people for the next day you live.
SchizophreniaPride, jealousyRepent, turn to traditional medicine, healers.

It is important! In the treatment of psychosomatic diseases, such methods of psychotherapy as gestalt, psychoanalysis, hypnosis, NLP, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy are used. Consult a psychologist, he will select the best course of rehabilitation.

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