Post-schizophrenic depression

Protracted depression, which quite often occurs as a consequence of schizophrenia, is considered a rather dangerous condition that greatly affects a person’s life. A depressive episode usually manifests itself in loss of interest and satisfaction, low mood on an ongoing basis. Additionally, there is reduced physical and mental activity, poor performance.

At the same time, in people prone to this type of depression, the risk of suicide increases sharply, and therefore there is an urgent need to provide quality medical care. Only a qualified doctor will be able to correctly identify the causes of post-schizophrenic depression and prescribe an effective course of treatment for a quick exit from a detrimental state.

Common causes of post-schizophrenic depression

Depressive episode due to previous schizophrenia A depressive episode can last from 2 weeks to 2 months. The exact factors leading to this type of depression are unknown. However, in medical circles, the most common versions are:

– the result of the action of neuroleptics;
– progression of an endogenous disease; – depletion of the body in moral and physical terms.

Among the circumstances contributing to the development of the disease, one can single out social insecurity, a hereditary predisposition to depression, a tense situation in the family circle. It is important to immediately begin treatment for post-schizophrenic depression as soon as a person begins to experience longing, callousness, and a loss of the ability to enjoy.

When episodic fragmentary hallucinatory experiences or suicidal thoughts come to the fore, loved ones need to immediately bring the person to a doctor who specializes in such conditions in order to prevent the irreversible consequences of dark ideas.

Competent treatment of post-schizophrenic depression

Getting rid of post-schizophrenic depressive disorder must certainly be carried out taking into account the severity of individual symptoms, therefore, only a qualified doctor must necessarily examine the patient and prescribe a course of effective procedures. It is these medical professionals who successfully treat such a complex type of depression at the Korsakov Center in Moscow, where therapy is based on an individual approach to each client. Depending on the degree of complexity of the disease, physiotherapy, psychotherapy are used and a course of medication is prescribed.

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