Is it possible to fly an airplane with an VSD?

Vegetovascular dystonia is a common syndrome. It manifests itself in many symptoms, including fluctuations in blood pressure and neuroses, an irrational feeling of fear, tinnitus. Individuals experience typical panic attacks.  

Because of these manifestations, people with autonomic disorder try to avoid flying on an airplane. Ground transportation is preferred, even if it is less convenient. This caution is not always warranted.

To the question: “Is it possible to fly by plane with VSD?”, The attending physician will answer positively. But it will draw attention to the preparation, which makes the trip less frightening, dangerous.

Panic before flight

The main reason for the exacerbation of VSD before the planned trip and flight by plane are attacks of fear before the flight.

The feeling of fear is irrational, it is caused both by phobias inherent in a person and by self-twisting, to which patients are prone.

Typical fears are:

  • fear of a plane crash, the patient not only concentrates on such an opportunity, but also searches and watches videos and news about such events;
  • the possibility of an attack of claustrophobia;
  • lack of access to medical care if you feel unwell;
  • vegetative crisis, up to nausea or fainting in front of strangers;
  • the risk of a bad effect on well-being of pressure drops in flight.

It is impossible for a patient with VSD in the active stage to avoid such reflections, fears. However, this does not mean that it is worth giving up flying. Thanks to simple preparation, the journey will be easy and calm. And after the first successful flight, the next ones will not cause such fears.

How to Prepare?

With VSD, the condition for a calm plane flight and subsequent well-being is a preparation undertaken in advance.

It must be remembered that there are forms of autonomic disorder syndrome, concomitant diseases, in which it is not recommended to take to the air.

For most, a set of preventive measures, applied two weeks before the expected departure date, will get rid of panic attacks and reduce the likelihood of other characteristic symptoms.

Therefore, when buying tickets, you should ask your doctor if you can fly with VSD. And how to prepare for the flight.

Two weeks before the flight

If you know in advance about the need to travel by air, then you should start preparing for it immediately. At least two weeks in advance.

The greatest danger to a person with VSD syndrome in the preflight period is negative news that will throw you out of balance. Any mentions, informational messages about flight problems or plane crashes should be avoided.

The following methods of early preparation for an airborne flight are also offered:

  • taking light sedatives on a natural basis;
  • avoidance of physical, psychological fatigue before the trip;
  • a healthy sleep-wake regime, getting enough sleep is necessary to reduce nervous tension;
  • walks in the open air;
  • proper nutrition with the exception of energy drinks, coffee, fried and a lot of sweets;
  • more distracted pursuits in a pleasant company of close people and friends.

Good teas soothing herbal teas with their addition. Motherwort tincture, valerian root will have an instant sedative effect, create a cumulative effect. If mild anxiety turns into panic attacks, it is worth visiting a psychologist and conducting a correction session. 

Two weeks of a measured life filled with positive emotions and a good rest before the flight will reduce the risk of feeling unwell during an airplane flight with VSD.

Preparation before flight

For people with aggravated VSD syndrome, rules of conduct and preparation for flying on an airplane have been developed. On the day of departure:

  • go to the airport well-fed, as hunger creates additional stress;
  • take lollipops with a sour taste with you to avoid nausea and calm down;
  • take tranquilizers in advance;
  • during takeoff and landing, concentrate on breathing, try to maintain its uniformity;
  • sleep is a great way to reduce stress on flights;
  • engage in self-hypnosis, this is an effective way to maintain self-control;
  • distracted by an interesting book, movie or magazine;
  • an interesting conversation with a neighbor will also allow you to spend the flight in high spirits;
  • with hypertensive VSD, it is allowed to drink 50 ml of strong alcohol before takeoff, but large doses will worsen the condition. 

There are airlines that offer candy to their passengers. So there really is a result from their resorption.

Build your schedule so that you have a few hours at the end of your flight. They will be required to relax in a calm atmosphere, to recover if the symptoms of VSD nevertheless appear.

People with autonomic nervous system disorders get tired of this way of traveling more than healthy people. This should be taken into account when scheduling follow-up activities.

What can’t be done?

For people with autonomic and neurotic disorders, there are a number of restrictions during the flight. These rules allow you to avoid serious panic attacks, exacerbation of other symptoms of VSD.

With vegetative vascular dystonia, it is not recommended:

  1. Drink too much alcohol before or during the flight. More than 50 grams of strong alcoholic drink impairs the body’s ability to resist the manifestations of the disease.
  2. Drink energy, tonic, drink containing caffeine. Such drinks overly excite, overload the nervous system.

It is possible for people with VSD to fly on airplanes; this trip will not worsen their well-being. If you prepare for it in advance and follow the advice of doctors.

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