Involutionary depression

Involutionary depression is a human condition characterized by an inability to think positively, optimism, which occurs during the period of age-related changes in the body.   

Symptoms of Involutional Depression

This disease begins gradually:

  • with episodes of low mood, 
  • anxiety,
  • melancholy.

Anxiety in this case has no grounds, as a rule, it is unreasonable.  

  • The patient worries about literally everything that concerns himself and those close to him. 
  • False presentiments make you constantly expect bad events.
  • The lack of a positive atmosphere in a family-wide climate can impair the mental well-being of everyone around you, including children. 

Such symptoms are progressively increasing if the right treatment is not found in time . 

Statistics indicate that more often involutional depression develops in women. The age at which a person can visit this mental disorder starts from 40 years old. Psychiatry, unlike other sciences, considers the attainment of 60 years to be the beginning of old age, which is a justified diagnostic criterion. Frequent stressful situations to which the nervous system is exposed, in combination with chronic diseases of internal organs, such as:          

  • diabetes,
  • arthritis,
  • multiple problems of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • arterial hypertension, etc.), 

can push the body towards the early development of age-related depression. 

Diagnosis and treatment of involutional depression 

There is a system of psychiatric tests that make it possible to suspect the problem of the age-related psyche at its very beginning, and therefore to provide timely multifaceted assistance at an early stage of the disease. Medical assistance and proper supervision by an experienced professional is required for a patient with involutional depression at all times. Even severe depressive psychosis responds well to treatment if it is detected at the initial stage. However , treatment can take a fairly long period, given the need for maintenance therapy.           

Treatment of involutional depression consists in the selection of combinations of antipsychotics, and then antidepressants. At present, there are a lot of new specialized products. Their selection ( due to the power and multicomponent action) is desirable in a hospital setting (day or round the clock). It is very important that the patient is treated by an experienced specialist.       

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