How to get a job for a person with schizophrenia

Until recently, there was a stereotype that a person with any mental illness is doomed to be isolated from society. But the result of effective treatment from the specialists of the Korsakov Clinic shows that even people with schizophrenia can get a job and live a full life. Unfortunately, the need for independent earnings is relevant for many patients with mental disorders. The level of state assistance does not always allow you to purchase the necessary medicines and take care of yourself.

With schizophrenia, you can work while earning little money. In this article, we will consider optimal and non-rational activities.

What activities are not suitable for people with mental disorders

Some professions are not suitable for people suffering from disorders of the nervous system. For example, disruption of jet lag while performing work duties can cause complications. This applies to those professions where the main working time falls at night, when the body must sleep and rest.

Stress and other emotional stress are contraindicated for people suffering from schizophrenia. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid any conflicts and stressful situations. This also applies to cases when the patient needs to concentrate his attention. The professions of a driver of any type of transport, driver or operator are not suitable for people with malfunctions in the nervous system.

Many safety precautions indicate a ban on people with schizophrenia access to weapons of any type (cold, pneumatic, gas and firearms). Therefore, this limits the range of professions available to patients in a psychiatric clinic.

What professions are acceptable with a diagnosis of schizophrenia

Quiet professions, without physical and emotional stress, are suitable for people with some deviations in the work of the psyche. For example, working as a librarian, janitor, yard keeper, repairman, artist, or craftsman. Serving specialties in this case should involve a slight contact of a person with people who can cause irritable emotions.

What are the difficulties in finding a job?

A big problem is the negative stereotypical perception of a person with a certificate of schizophrenia. You should immediately look for a job that allows people with disabilities. Usually on the Internet, on job sites, such vacancies are marked with a special sign. And at the labor exchange it is necessary to request a choice of advertisements in which the employer allows the involvement of people with certain deviations.

It is important to understand that mild schizophrenia, in which a person is not protected from society, allows working with people. People with this diagnosis can freely communicate with others, listen and hear them, and perform their duties. If the problem in the psyche is accompanied by non-standard behavior, then you should choose a profession with a distance from society. For example, a cleaner or caretaker of the territory. Despite the low status of such a position, a person with a disability can receive a stable salary.

There are many examples when patients with schizophrenia became famous and rich people who were respected and revered. The most striking example is the artist Vincent van Gogh, as well as the mathematician John Forbes Nash, who was awarded the Nobel Prize.

The main thing is to start treatment in a timely manner and strive for work that will be beneficial and material support.

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