Healthy sleep will relieve depression and keep your figure

It’s no secret that all of us, for one reason or another, often devote little time to sleep. According to experts competent in this matter, due to lack of sleep, health worsens, immunity decreases, depression appears and even the figure deteriorates.

Is it true that sleep deprivation leads to depression? A person falls into this state when he has an insufficient amount of joy hormones. Our body produces this hormone during sleep. For this reason, you need to get enough sleep and not cut back on your sleep. 

Does healthy sleep have an effect on strengthening the immune system? Scientists have long fought over this issue and have proved that during sleep, the body produces substances that fight various parasites that harm us. So if we don’t get enough sleep, it will become more difficult for the body to fight bacteria. 

Will sleep help preserve your figure and even lose weight? Between 10 pm and 1 am, our bodies produce a hormone that promotes growth. For children, this hormone helps to grow, but in the case of adults, it helps burn calories. Also, thanks to serotonin and dopamine, we are charged with good energy for the whole day and do not need to cheer up with a variety of high-calorie sweets. Thanks to healthy sleep, you will not be overweight. 

Doctors still cannot say exactly how many hours each specific person needs to sleep, but their main advice is that you need to go to bed early so that from ten in the evening until one in the morning you have sweet dreams. Equally important is what you sleep on – an old sofa or a bed with slats and a standard mattress. If you are comfortable, then you will sleep in much less time. 

Sleep problems can be due to a banal lack of fresh air. Therefore, be sure to ventilate your bedroom before bed or leave a window ajar overnight.

If you take sleep seriously, realizing its importance and need, you can avoid many health problems.

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