Depression is a disease

Bad mood, apathy, I don’t want to communicate with anyone, all these are signs of the onset of depression. She was recognized as a diagnosis catching up with the prevalence of heart and vascular disease. It differs from the usual blues in the need for treatment. With depression, the will is broken and any attempts to get rid of it on your own can only aggravate the situation.

There are many reasons for this disease:

It can be setbacks in personal life, stress against the background of overwork, a feeling of uselessness at an unloved job. Sometimes depression can occur after a long and serious illness, when all the body’s forces went into recovery. In addition to external causes, there are internal, mainly hereditary, associated with metabolic disorders of certain substances. In this case, the disease occurs from scratch, regardless of life situations.

There are many symptoms, it is important to remember that if they continue for two weeks, the help of a doctor is needed. The sooner the diagnosis is made, the faster the improvement will come.

Signs of depression:

Emotional signs of depression are constant depression, loss of interest in things that previously bring pleasure, anxious expectations of trouble, irritation towards others, self-loathing, desire for solitude.

Cognitive – absent-mindedness, a sudden decrease in mental abilities, inability to make decisions on their own, pessimism in relation to life and death.

Physiological – a sharp increase or vice versa, decreased appetite, increased drowsiness, or insomnia. Decreased sex drive, constant fatigue.

Pain can also be present with depression. Pain in the region of the heart, back, very often the stomach, pulling pains in the joints and muscles can disturb. In such cases, a person turns to a therapist, who prescribes treatment, following the patient’s complaints. When the treatment does not help, the patient begins to suspect that he has an incurable disease, and begins to wait for imminent death, which further drags him into a depressive state. In this case, only a psychiatrist can help.

Some people try to cope with the illness with alcohol or sedatives. This is not getting rid of the problem, although it does bring temporary relief. Many people suffering from depression do not rush to get help from specialists, due to common fear. They fear that they will be registered in a psychiatric hospital, which they will certainly find out about at work. Now there are many private clinics where the patient’s treatment is done confidentially.

Also, many people are concerned about the appointment of psychotropic drugs, which are harmful and addictive to the body. Rumors about the harm of such drugs are greatly exaggerated, now there are many non-addictive drugs. It is important to know that harm from antidepressants is possible in one case, with self-medication. Such strong remedies can only be used as directed by the therapist.

If you notice in yourself a tendency to depressive states, reconsider your lifestyle.

  1. Protect yourself from negativity. Do not watch TV news, TV series with murder and violence, do not listen to gossip from neighbors and acquaintances. Focus on pleasant little things, the sun is shining, spring is coming, and so on.
  2. There is no need to burden yourself with work, this will only temporarily distract you from unpleasant thoughts, and overwork can worsen the condition.
  3. Walk as often as possible, sign up for a dance club, pool, fitness. Generally move more. Movement is life!
  4. Find a hobby that will bring you joy and distract you from sad thoughts.
  5. Hug and kiss your loved ones more often, nothing warms the soul like the love of your child.
  6. If you are lonely, find an object for care and affection, get yourself a pet.
  7. In the home, add blue, green and yellow to the interior. They have a beneficial effect on the psyche.
  8. If you still feel like you are inexorably slipping into black melancholy, make an appointment with a psychotherapist before it’s too late.

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